Extragalactic Astronomy

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USM Galaxies and Lensing Seminar

For LMU students: This is the 'Gravitational lensing seminar with accompanying colloquium (P6.2.5, P6.2.6)'

Usually every Friday at 10:00 CET (but the seminar timing is subject to change for certain talks - please check the latest emails for the seminar time and Zoom connection details)
. Currently, the talks are conducted in hybrid mode --- from the USM seminar room and over Zoom.

Upcoming talks

  • 13th January (10:00) - Talk
    Alex Chow (University of Hong Kong)
    'Astrophysical Applications of Strong Gravitational Lensing: Estimating Geometric Redshifts & Testing Particle Dark Matter'
  • 20th January (10:00) - Talk
    David Rufer (USM)
  • Agne Semenaite (MPE)

Winter Semester 2022/2023

  • 16th December (10:00) - Talk
    Martin Kümmel (USM)
  • 2nd December (10:00) - Paper review
    Leon Ecker (USM)
    'Exoplanet surface reconstruction with a solar gravitational lens'
  • 25th November (10:00) - Talk
    Pierre Burger (University of Bonn)
    'KiDS-1000 Cosmology: Constraints from density split statistics'
  • 11th November (10:00) - Talk
    Yun-Hsin Hsu (USM)
    'Cannibalism Caught in the Act -- on the Frequency of Occurrence of Multiple Cores in Brightest Cluster Galaxies'
  • 28th October (16:00) - Talk
    Sven Heydenreich (University of Bonn)
    'Modelling and validation of third-order aperture mass statistics'
  • 21st October (10:00) - Talk
    Gregor Rihtarsic (University of Ljubljana)
    'AGNs and galaxies in galaxy clusters: insights from Magneticum simulations'
  • 14th October (10:00) - Talk
    Pooranima Subramanian (USM)
    'Understanding Galaxy Evolution using Intracluster light by determining age and metallicity of NGC 7647 Through Deep Imaging'
  • 7th October (10:00) - Talk
    Felix Langgaßner (USM)
    'Wendelstein Wide Field Imager - Data reduction'
  • 30th September (10:00) - Talk
    Alex Barreira (LMU)
    'Galaxy bias and its impact in cosmology'