Extragalactic Astronomy

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USM Galaxies and Lensing Seminar

For LMU students: This is the 'Gravitational lensing seminar with accompanying colloquium (P6.2.5, P6.2.6)'

Usually every Friday at 10:00 CEST (but the seminar timing is subject to change for certain talks - please check the latest emails for the seminar time and Zoom connection details)
. Currently, the talks are conducted in hybrid mode --- from the USM seminar room and over Zoom.

Upcoming talks

  • 17th May (10:00) - Talk
    Simona Vegetti (MPA)
  • 7th June (10:00) - Talk
    Toshiki Kurita (MPA)
  • 21st June (TBA) - Talk
    Alexander Madurowicz
  • TBA - Talk
    Stefanie Reiter (University of Vienna)

Summer Semester 2024

  • 3rd May (10:00) - Talk
    Ludvig Doeser (Stockholm University)
    'Bayesian Inference of Initial Conditions from Non-Linear Cosmic Structures using Field-Level Emulators'
  • 26th April (10:00) - Talk
    Ruby Pearce-Gracey (Open University)
    'Using cGANs for Anomaly Detection I: Hunting for Gravitational Lensing Systems in Euclid'
  • 19th April (10:00) - Talk
    Han Wang (TUM)
    'A GPU-accelerated strong lensing and stellar dynamics modelling for time-delay cosmography'
  • 12th April (10:00) - Talk
    Javier Alejandro Acevedo Barroso (EPFL Lausanne)
    'Searching for lensing by edge-on galaxies in UNIONS'