Extragalactic Astronomy

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Summer Semester 2022

  • 12th August (16:00) - Summer internship project presentation
    Yue Pan (University of Chicago)
    'Massive data compression on two-point correlation function (2PCF)'
  • 29th July (16:00) - Master thesis presentation
    Daniel Vogl (USM)
    'Searching for Planets in TESS Light Curves for Follow-up Observation at the Wendelstein Observatory'
  • 30th June (09:00) - Talk
    Alessio Spurio Mancini (University College London)
    'COSMOPOWER: Machine Learning - accelerated Bayesian inference from next-generation cosmological surveys'
  • 3rd June (16:00) - Paper review
    Giacomo Queirolo (USM)
    'A Taxonomy for the Configurations of Quadruply Lensed Quasars'
  • 19th May (10:00) - Talk (In-person visit)
    Juan Martinez (University of Milan)
    'VegasFlow: accelerating Monte Carlo simulations across hardware platforms'
  • 13th May (16:00) - Talk
    Marco Gatti (University of Pennsylvania)
    'Cosmology from Weak Lensing Non-Gaussian Statistics'
  • 29th April (16:00) - Talk
    Oliver Friedrich (USM)
    'The privileges and duties that come with leading a DES analysis team - a case study of the DES-year 3 covariance & likelihood validation effort'
  • 22nd April (10:00) - Talk
    Sandor Kruk (MPE)
    'Identifying strong gravitational lenses in Hubble Space Telescope images with crowdsourcing'