Extragalactic Astronomy

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Lectures, seminars, and Labs for Master students (Summer Semester 2023)

  • Astrophysical advanced seminar (WP1.2, WP1.3, WP2.3, WP2.4)

    The Astrophysical advanced seminar requires Master students to give a presentation on a research topic which they prepare under the supervision of scientists from different research groups from the USM and the MPE. Our group offers several seminar topics for students to choose from --- both theoretical and observational topics which align with our group's research interests. 
    More information: https://www.usm.uni-muenchen.de/Lehre/Lehrveranstaltungen/Hauptseminar/ 

  • Astrophysical Labs for Master students (P5.2.7, P6.0.7, P7.0.7, WP1.1, WP2.1)

    The labs involve practical and numerical exercises on basic methods and topics in astrophysics. The students also have the possibility to observe with a telescope not only on the observatory grounds (at the USM) but also with the 43-cm telescope at Mount Wendelstein (at Wendelstein Observatory). If you would like to observe with us on the Wendelstein, you should preferably let us know in advance and register for the lab before the beginning of the Summer semester holidays. The number of participants for Wendelstein observations is also limited.
    More information: http://www.usm.lmu.de/Lehre/Lehrveranstaltungen/Praktikum 

Labs for Bachelor students

  • P3A
  • P3B
  • Advanced Astro Lab (only in winter semesters)